my beginning

I have had SO MANY ideas just buzzing relentlessly around in my brain ALL day for the last week.  I have been telling Aaron about every single one of them.  He says I’m a dreamer and he has learned just to tell me to do what I want and that he’ll support me.

I have ideas of a small business and little ways to make money on the side.  I want to have fun in life and until I find a way to mix what I love with what gets my bills paid I will be searching.

I have a couple of short-term goals that I have touched base with and started to work on.  Getting fit, eating exceptionally well, high-fat/low carb, getting my OBGYN business and birth control going, and also going to get my eyes checked on.  All of this has been addressed and is in progress as well as whitening my teeth, staying clean and shaven and looking into braces again.  

I have been transforming my goals into my lifestyle instead of a feat to climb.  It’s a melancholy stroll no mount Everest.  The mount Everest mind set is the ultimate guide to failure for most people.  It’s not because we aren’t strong enough it’s simply because we don’t deserve to feel like we are working so incredibly hard at changing.  That is mentally and emotionally exhausting.

M Y   H E A L T H

This is the first thing on my list.  Here is a list of tips that I would give to anyone who longed for a change.

  1. Get adorable cups.  Do you remember growing up and wanting the cool looking drink at the convenience store.  You know what I’m talking about, the one with the character sitting on the sports top, or the crazy colored juice drinks that tasted soo amazing because they were neon blue.  I’ve got an array of to-go coffee cups, water bottles and water cups.  They are kind of like outfits.  You wake up, get to the kitchen and wonder..Hmmm, which one will I take today and what will I put in it??  Oh yes, and my point to this was hydration: the number one aspect to keeping your body flushed of toxins and fully functioning to the best of it’s ability!
  2. Make portioned meals.  As you have probably heard, mini meals through out the day are vital to the upkeep of your metabolism.  I personally am doing high-fat and low carb eating so my meal choices are probably a bit different that you might choose.  Portion-wise, though, we can talk.  Let’s think three square tupperwares that are a little bit larger than the size of a sandwich and about twice as tall as one.  In each of those containers you can put a different meal.  One can be breakfast, one can be lunch and the other can be dinner.  Now you don’t actually have to make them in the containers, but just using them to think about the correct meal size.  Now in between those three you will have two snacks in which you can make in containers about half of the size of the others.  Five meals total to keep you burning calories/fat throughout the whole day!  Also a tip on the side:  Coffee before and after breakfast and lunch will shrink your appetite and burn at an increased speed whatever you ate.
  3. Get cute workout clothes.  Nothing and I mean nothing will make you want to work out more than having a reason to shop and look cute in workout clothes.  Did I mention the comfort?!  A.K.A. stretchy pants wardrobe!  Yes, I will take it!!



This is a very healthy thing to do!  There are many things out there that affect woman that are not S.T.D.’s.  You don’t have to feel bad about yourself.  Usually there is a reason for anything going on down there.  God perfected our pH systems and something has gone amiss if it doesn’t seem normal.  I am twenty-two years old I have had my yearly exam since I was of age (18 is safe age or when you become sexually active).  I ended up with an abnormal pap-smear my very first time.  It was because of H.P.V.  This is not a virus like S.T.D.’s are, but a bacterial infection that takes it’s time to leave your system.  B.V. (bacterial vaginosis) is also very a common bacterial infection that causes symptoms that makes it seem much much worse than it is.  None-the-less if you feel something is wrong, the best thing to do for yourself is to go get tested!  I am also getting a birth control implant in about two weeks.  It is a non-estrogen birth control method.  Most stories you hear about birth control that have to do with mood swings and weight gain have everything to do with estrogen.

E Y E   E X A M

I have always had 20/20 vision and I have also always bragged about it.  Strangely enough I have also always worn non-prescription glasses for fashion.  I have an appointment scheduled and if I do have to get glasses I will get contacts AND  a cute pair of lenses 🙂